Irrespective of your skill level, golf matting and putting greens are essential parts of any practice setup. You can simply practice and enhance your capabilities with these two tools available in the market.

Although there are many alternatives to choose from, the Golf Mat & Putting Green Combo from Firebuilt is one of the best ones and worthy of consideration. This is a handy bundle with enough technology to help golfers take their practice sessions to the next level.

The Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green combines the manufacturer’s acclaimed golf mat with its revolutionary putting green. You can start mastering anything from taking shots to putting whenever you find the time, no matter where you are.

Fiberbuilt’s agile, and resilient fairway turf is combined with the company ‘s true-roll putting greens in the Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10’ Center-Hitting Combo Mat. It accurately simulates chip shots on the golfer’s favorite course. Golfers all over the globe appreciate the Fiberbuilt Grass striking surface, which is backed by a 300,000-swing warranty.

The Fiberbuilt Package's Primary Features Include:

  • Fiberbuilt hitting surfaces are manufactured using actual Fiberbuilt Grass, allowing for accurate launch conditions and injury prevention.
  • The combination may be used by both right-handed and left-handed golfers.
  • It’s simple and easy to put together.
  • A 10’x4′ Hitting Mat is coupled with a 10’x6′, 10’x8′, or 10’x12′ Putting Green. Two 4.5’x4′ Performance Turf Stance Mats are paired with one 1’x4′ strip of real Fiberbuilt Grass
  • The configuration is appropriate for the majority of commonly used launch monitors
  • Genuine Fiberbuilt Grass is used on the hitting surfaces, enabling realistic launching conditions and injury-free practice.

This Fiberbuilt Package Includes -

  • Performance Turf stance mats (total two)
  • Putting turf with dual hole cutouts
  • Nylon Fiberbuilt grass section (total two)
  • Metal cups (total two)
  • Modular rubber base with lockable fasteners

The Fiberbuilt Grass Series Center-Hitting Combo Golf Mat combines a classic studio mat with a pioneering product in the putting greens segment.

The 100 square feet of space provided by the putting green and center-hitting studio mat can really aid you in improving your technique.

It’s great for outside practice and can also be connected to inside simulators.

Fiberbuilt Center Hitting Golf Mat & Putting Green Benefits:

  • A 300,000 shot guarantee or a year-long warranty is included with the Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Golf Mat.
  • The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on Stance Mats.
  • The rubber bases come with a 5-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer.

If you’re a golfer looking to improve your game, buying the Fiberbuilt Golf Mat and the Fiberbuilt Putting Green Combo might be a wise choice. To gain a better sense, look at the features and components listed above.

Fiberbuilt is one of the most well-known golf equipment manufacturers in the world. You can be confident that any product concerns will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranties.