The best practice area for all facets of a golfer’s game is the Double-Hitting Combo Golf Mat, a part of the famed Grass Series by manufacturer Fiberbuilt. swiping, placing, and hitting. It may be used both indoors and outside and is appropriate for those who are right- and left-handed. When employing a broad range of Putting Green dimensions to enhance your score, you have several possibilities. For usage in indoor simulation or outdoor training, it is the ideal solution.

Vital Attributes of Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Surface

  • Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting surfaces come with a 300,000-shot warranty.


  • You may choose from three different sizes of Putting Green mat to go with your 10’x4′ striking mat: 10’x6, 10’x8, and 10’x12.

  • The mat is constructed from a 4’x4′ Performance Turf mat, two 1’x4′ pieces of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass, and two 2’x4′ separators.


  • Every aspect of your game, from irons to driving to putting to chipping, may be mastered without much effort.

  • Fiberbuilt Grass is used for striking surfaces to provide a safe training ecosystem and replicate the conditions of a genuine launch.


  • The double-stance mat may be used by right- and left-handed golfers alike.


  • Cups may be put into any one of numerous readily available holes.


  • There are four tee gaps in each hitting area.


  • Optical launch monitors in a well-designed setup.


  • The necessary assembly processes for the appropriate green color need no special equipment..

A single performance turf stance mat and 2 pieces of nylon Fiberbuilt turf are also included in the kit. Alongside two metal mugs, users also receive a putting green with two cutbacks and two spacer mats. The kit also includes a convenient rubber platform that is flexible in structure. Golfers may attach this foundation without using any equipment often used by tradespeople.

The following are some add-ons one may choose:

Half-Moon Molded Rubber Golf Ball Tray

A great complement to your mat is the Half-Moon Molded Rubber tray. It is both Fiberbuilt’s first and most popular ball tray. It is designed to work with all striking techniques and can hold up to 150 balls in a randomized layout. It may be placed behind or adjacent to the golf mat. This mat measures 11.5″ x 42.5.”

Rectangular Rubber Golf Ball Tray

If you’re looking for a golf ball tray that won’t crack, shatter, or decay with time, go no farther than the Fiberbuilt Rectangular Rubber Golf Ball Tray. It has a capacity of storing 200 balls in a randomized way. On an Ultimate Tee Line spacer mat or other hitting bays, it rests pretty well. Its dimensions are 27″ x 14″ x 3.”

Adjustable Golf Tee

The Fiberbuilt Adjustable Golf Tee allows you to use one golf tee for the length of your testing period. The Adjustable Tee features a tee cup that adjusts upward and downward to the ideal elevation for irons, drivers, and fairway woods, and gives launch angles that are comparable to those of a real tee. Due to its polymer composition, which provides exceptional durability, it assists in avoiding tees from breaking. Just place the Adjustable Golf Tee between the Fiberbuilt Grass sections to train throughout the entirety of the bag.

Go through the details provided above to learn more about Fiberbuilt’s Grass Series Double-Hitting Combination Golf Mat.