Do you think your putting skill needs more work? Then a good putting green should be on the top of your bucket list this season. In a game of golf, good putting is integral to lower your score. To this end, practicing putting and tap-ins holds immense value to any golfer. However, this is only possible when you have a premium-quality indoor putting green at your disposal to practice rigorously, whenever you can take out some time from your packed schedule.

But remember, practicing on a faulty putting green will do you more harm than good. It might corrupt your technique as well as result in several muscle injuries. Hence, you must choose a high-quality indoor putting green with impeccable design. In this regard, you must consider its size, turf quality, wrinkle resistance, as well as its capability to pay break. 

Considering all these aspects, Fiberbuilt is the best choice for any golfer. In the space of golf equipment, Fiberbuilt has been a long-trusted name. The unique and realistic design of the putting greens lets you seamlessly practice tap-ins, lag putting, and every other stroke in between. Fiberbuilt indoor putting greens come with a chock-full of features to help you get the best possible conditions for practicing your strokes. Here are some of the major highlights of Fiberbuilt indoor putting greens that make it the best choice for golfers, professionals, and amateurs alike. 

Realistic Design

The most amazing feature of the Fiberbuilt indoor putting greens are the meticulous design. The large surface area gives you ample space for practicing. It is crafted to sit on a solid rubber foundation with a soft feel underneath that emulates the feel of real grass.

The rubber foundation gives you a better grip and enhances comfort. It also prevents the hitting surface from displacing or slipping. It provides you with true green conditions, Moreover, the metal cups and uniquely designed hole cutouts only enhance the authentic feel of a real-life golf course. It also offers you the truest rolls for the putts and enables you to check for any chips, 


The Fiberbuilt putting green is made from commercial-grade nylon that guarantees the high quality and true-to-life feel of a real golf course. The premium quality enhances its durability and offers you excellent performance. It is also water-resistant. 


The Fiberbuilt indoor putting greens runs on a measured speed of 9 on the stimp meter, which is practically the standard speed for any championship. The speed makes the hitting surface an easy and smooth turf to practice your shots.

Practicing on this hitting surface, therefore, is particularly beneficial for entry-level players. Also, it is the best hitting surface for practicing your putts since it keeps the ball flight numbers as low as possible. The modular rubber foundation of the putting greens ensures a tool-free, quick setup.


From 4’ X 4’ to 10’ X 10’—Fiberbuilt putting greens come in various size to suit all kinds of spaces. This makes it highly flexible for both indoor and outdoor use. 

With a Fiberbuilt putting green in aid, you can always make time for practicing your strokes, even if you can’t make it to the golf course.