Portability is a huge factor that many take into account while choosing launch monitors for their golfing experiences. In a market that has many options, choosing a device offering the right blend of features and functionality is quite important. The Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor is one of those amazing devices that can easily synchronize with your iOS device to offer precise and fast readings of launch data. In addition, it also lets users catch instant match replay and trace shots with ease. 

The Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor or Rapsodo MLM is capable of performing swift analysis of initial ball flight data for trajectory and distance calculation with the utmost accuracy. It relies on a blend of both radar and camera technology to offer a range of useful data parameters that can help you get a good idea of your performance. Some of the parameters you can get readings for include smash factor, shot distance, club speed, launch angle, ball speed, as well as launch direction. This launch monitor is trusted by golf professionals around the world and it is also Golf Digest’s official launch monitor.

Many prestigious golf publications on a global level consider the Rapsodo MLM as a reliable option. Its quality and reliability have also seen it win the Best Outdoor Launch Monitor award from MyGolfSpy Buyer’s Guide in 2020. Take a look at some useful information about the Rapsodo MLM below. 

Parameters Analyzed By Rapsodo MLM

  • Carry: The MLM is capable of estimating the total distance traveled by a ball from when it’s hit to when it lands. 
  • Club Head Speed: This launch monitor can accurately detect and measure the club speed before it hits a ball. 
  • Smash Factor: It measures the smash factor to help you fine-tune your shot power and technique. 
  • Ball Speed: Rapsodo MLM can detect the speed of a ball after it has been hit. 
  • Launch direction: This parameter tells the user how far a shot has landed from their preferred line. 
  • Launch angle: The MLM measures a golf hall’s angle relative to the ground, and uses this data in calculating shot distance. 

Key Rapsodo MLM Features

  • Smart Club Recognition: The Rapsodo MLM can easily recognize the model and type of a golf club once the user holds it up to the monitor’s camera.
  • Shot Tracer: Video replays is a feature that is also equipped with active tracing so that golfers can check thoroughly how their shot went after impact. 
  • GPS Shot Map: This is another convenient feature that relies on your phone’s GPS to check the places where your shots landed in a range or course.
  • Shot Library: The Shot Library contains data of your past shots so that you can review them at your convenience. Users can save 100 shots at no cost but have to upgrade to a premium plan to store and save more shots. 
  • Instant feedback: The MLM has real-time video feedback along with Data Overlay and Shot Trace features to let users perform in-depth analysis. You can access crucial data such as shot trajectory, club deviations, dispersion, and averages. 

To sum it up, the Rapsodo MLM is currently one of the best choices for portable and feature-rich launch monitors on the market. Take a look at its features above to know how it can help you get a better experience on the greens.