Choosing a golf simulator kit can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to be considered and a lot of things to take care of. You need to decide on the launch monitor, projector, software, even landing and hitting pads. But one thing that most home golfers tend to overlook is the quality of the golf screen and enclosure. However, your indoor golf experience depends a great deal on this item. If you are playing inside your home, having a good enclosure is almost imperative for your safety. Besides, this equipment gives you the much-needed peace of mind that you need to practice your game freely.  

Having said that, it is also crucial to choose your screen enclosure carefully. You will need to consider features like space, longevity, durability, portability, flexibility, and of course, budget. However, the most important factors to contemplate while deciding on a screen enclosure kit are quality, safety, and support. Considering all the concerns, we recommend PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure for your home golf system. The item meets all the criteria perfectly and gives you more. This is the best screen enclosure at this price point that offers you premium quality, enhanced safety, and all-around support. Here is a detailed review of the product to help you make up your mind. 

All-Round Advantage

PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure consists of a premium-quality golf impact screen and a high-performance enclosure. The screen is extremely durable and can withstand high-impact shots. Moreover, the screen is optimized for a perfect 4: 3 projection with the brightest image quality. The result is a crystal-clear image that fills up 100% of the screen space.

The screen also has shading on both sides and thus, gives you optimum brightness, even in a well-lit room. For an authentic golf simulation experience, this is the best you can get at this price point.  The enclosure is 5 ft deep and provides utmost safety with any shot that might bounce off the screen. Also, the side nettings ensure additional protection from errant balls and miss-hits.  

Premium Quality

The PerfectBay simulator screen is made of three layers of tight-knit, heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyester. The premium material enables it to withstand thousands of powerful shots, even up to 250 mph strokes. Also, it creates the smoothest surface among all the other full impact screens available. The superior design includes a cushioned center layer that dampens all the noise that the ball creates on impact.  

Product Specifications

Footprint: 8’ H X 10’5” W X 16’ D 

Minimum Space Required: 9’ H X 12’ W X 16’ D 

Screen Size: 10’ W X 7.7 H 

Screen Diagonal: 144” 

No-Tool Setup

The clever design of the golf screen enclosure makes it super easy to install. You can single-handedly set it up in under a few minutes with no tools required.

The package also comes with an instruction manual for installation. Bring home the perfect golf screen enclosure and enjoy the best golf simulation with the topmost safety.