Golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular among golfers these days. This unique piece of technology has made indoor golf more exciting and easy. The ball-tracking technology and swing analysis of these simulators have been proven extremely useful to improve golfing skills.

But, the main reason they are so much in demand is the fact it allows you to play your favorite game even during off-seasons and bad weather days. But, with golf simulators, you can now play your favorite game from the comfort of your garage, basement, backyard, living room, or even office. Today, there are tons of companies coming up with lucrative packages for golfers who are looking forward to playing the game from the comfort of their homes.

But remember, as an emerging technology, golf simulator software is constantly evolving. Keeping the ever-changing technology in mind, the World Golf tournament (WGT) from SkyTrak is undoubtedly the best simulation software available today for your indoor golf system. Here is a more detailed description of WGT Golf to help you choose the right software.

WGT Golf — The Top Choice For Golfers Worldwide

Currently, WGT Golf is the most popular and coveted simulator software as well as an online video golf game in the world. Released in 2008, it is primarily compatible with the SkyTrak golf simulator, and can also be played as a standalone game on any iOS, Android, or Windows compatible device.

However, it is important to note that when you are using the WGT Golf with SkyTrak, it is only supported by an iOS device, such as a Mac or an iPad. WGT Golf mostly focuses on the stroke play format with different driving ranges and is practically closest to the pin features. With WGT Golf, you can play the entire 18-hole round or practice on challenges with different yardages around the golf course.

Course Selection

WGT Golf offers you some of the most popular and world-class golf courses around the planet. For example, you can play in Valhalla, Pebbles Beach, Chambers Bay, St. Andrews, Congressional Country Club, Pinehurst 2, and Bethpage Black using the simulation software.

With SkyTrak, 12 full-range golf courses are available for playing in WGT Golf. There are six additional courses available for challenge mode as well. Each course is created in a remarkably realistic way, thanks to the impeccable graphics and image quality of the WGT Golf.

Tons Of Features

The major modes in the WGT Golf are stroke play, practice range, and closest to pin challenges. Besides, there is also an exciting putting option in the courses offered by WGT Golf that helps you polish your putting and chipping skills. It provides multiple game improvement settings, such as pin locations, multiple tee boxes, wind condition, and green speeds. When paired with SkyTrak, you can also get the data of your ball speed, club speed, distance, spin rate, and other essential metrics. 

Overall, WGT Golf is the ideal simulator software for beginners and amateur golfers. Other than honing your skills, this is the perfect item for anyone who loves to explore the worldwide golf courses from the comfort of home.