If we talk about golf, there are two types of games: the short and the long game. And to ace the game completely as a professional, you need to get a hold of both of them. 

No matter how good you are at hitting those tee shots, you still need something or someone to observe every detail of your shot and give out the true stats and metrics of your swings to help you improve.

This is where Garmin TruSwing comes in handy, promising to act both as a coach and a true golf assistant, ready to deliver even the slightest details of your swings and help you align your shots with all your clubs. 

So, How Does Garmin TruSwing Work?

Garmin TruSwing is a club sensor that you attach right below the grip of your club and onto the shaft. With a soft material inside the clip, you don’t need to worry about it damaging your club or leaving any marks.

A white line at the top of the device guides your hand to make sure you’ve installed it correctly. The device then measures and records your shot distances, to be seen later on your Garmin Connect account. 

Where most swing analyzers show their results on smartphones, Garmin Truswing Seems to have turned the tables in this regard as it manages to show all the data of your game on your Golf GPS Watch. 

What Features Does The Garmin Swing Device Offer?

Garmin TruSwing seems to be offering the following amazing features

  • It offers a high-resolution display 
  • Gives access to more than 40,000 courses 
  • Promises superb battery life 
  • Easy to set up and use 
  • The price is affordable 
  • Provide accurate data
Garmin TruSwing

What Other Features Does It Provide?

Apart from the fact that Garmin TruSwing is easy to set up and use, it also holds many other incredible features as well. It gives you a side-by-side swing analysis and transfers stats to your app without hassle.

In addition to that, Garmin TruSwing is the only device that is compatible with other Garmin GPS golf devices. You can sync the older Garmin devices with this latest sensor and Garmin app.

The device itself is very small and light so it won’t be a burden at all. Moreover, Truswing provides better and accurate data as compared to other devices, making it an absolute favorite among golfers. 

So, Is It Worth The Money?

Garmin TruSwing is one of the best GPS golf devices for many reasons. Apart from the amazing characteristic that it’s easy to attach and use, the fact that you won’t even notice its presence on your shaft is just admirable. 

It works exceptionally well when paired with a Garmin watch. With all the data being sent to your Garmin watch, you don’t need to pull out your mobile from your pocket now and then. Save both time and energy!

So, if you want to get accurate data that will highlight the mistakes in your shot, you need to get your hands on Garmin TruSwing to bring out your inner golfer. Happy Golfing!